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  • Immigration Placement Services

    New Zealand Immigration policies encourage skilled migrants to migrate to New Zealand. Immigration Placement Services Ltd (IPS) is the oldest job placement company in New Zealand specialising in assisting migrants in arranging employers. Through our nationwide network of thousands on New Zealand employers, we are able to match migrant’s skills to with employer requiring additional skilled staff. Many New Zealand employers contact us looking for skilled migrant workers. Look under the Browse Jobs heading for a list of current jobs available.

    IPS provides a total package for migrants from arranging employers, work visas and ongoing support to new arrivals in New Zealand. Having placed nearly 1000 migrants successfully with employers in New Zealand, we are proud to have helped so many new migrants move to New Zealand and through having a job offer providing a pathway to becoming permanent residents and citizens of New Zealand.

    We also assist employers who require skilled workers from overseas when they cannot find suitable staff in New Zealand.

Our Services

  • Immigrating to New Zealand

    Immigration Placements Ltd (IPS), is one of New Zealand’s oldest job placement companies specializing in placing skilled migrants with employers.

  • Investment/Purchasing Business

    New Zealand Economy is boosting with its huge resources that can offer business migrants a lot of investment opportunities.

  • Job seekers

    Immigrating to New Zealand is a dream for many people around the world.

  • Farmers to New Zealand

    IPS has been supplying dairy farm workers to dairy farms around NZ for several years.

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